AACMA Summer 2016 Barbecue Event Announcement

AACMA has entered its second year. It has accomplished much with the hard work of all departments and support all around of the members. In order to promote interaction and communication between members, the Supervisory Board is organizing a summer barbecue event coming in August, 2016.
Date: 08/21/2016
Hours: 10:00 to 17:00.
Address: Central Park – Lake Elizabeth, Fremont
PHONE: 510-790-5541 FAX: 510-790-5549
This event will be held in sections LIONS1 and LIONS2. These near prime locations in the park. There are different facilities for different activities such as, children’s playground, water cycling, sailing and boat rentals, stone tables with chess boards, trails for walking and bike riding, large areas of lawn for games, volleyball, badminton and more.
Everyone is welcome to join us in this wonderful event!
Main activities for this gathering:
1. AACMA will provide some cooking foods, such as oysters, chicken, steak, beef, etc. It will also provide some fruits, water, coal, and some other food and party utensils.
2. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own gourmet foods to share – one course of dish for each participant.
3. Culinary competition! A cooking competition is open to everyone who brings dishes. There are four categories you can participate in: Barbecue, Appetizer, Vegan and Dessert .One winner will be selected for each category. Winners will receive prizes. In order to participate in the competition, you must turn in your dish by 10:30am, as the selection will begin at 11:00am. Each dish should be large enough for at least 20 people.
4. Talent show. Anyone who wants to participate in Karaoke singing should submit their names and songs by 12:00 PM that day, so it can be arranged accordingly.
5. Other planned activities will include riddles, tug of war, three-legged walking by two people, bag jumping, learn how to do line dancing, etc.
6. Gift exchange. Each family is encouraged to bring a gift of $ 10 with their names on it. Please turn in your gift to the volunteers in charge. People who bring gifts will have a chance to receive a gift from others. Bring more gifts, you will receive more gifts!
7. Raffle drawing. Generous prizes will be provided for a raffle drawing.
Everyone is welcome to participate in this event. You may bring family and friends along too. The full capacity for the party section in the park is 180 people, so please sign up early. The deadline for sign-up is 08/10/2016.

Members from San Francisco, please sign up with Zhang Ping at 415-221-5328
Members from East Bay, please sign up with Aiqun Wang at 510-440-1088
Members from South Bay, please sign up Zhang Lili at 650-393-9978
Members from North Bay, please sign up Li Baoping at 530-756-8802
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the AACMA Summer 2016 Barbecue Event at Lake Elizabeth!

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